The worlwide COVID-19 pandemic has impacted Targa South West also.  As of today, 6th April 2020, we have rescheduled hoping that the health crisis is under control by August and we will be able to run a rejigged ONE day event…washed hands and crossed fingers.

Our new date is:

8th AUGUST 2020

In the meantime keep washing your hands, maintain social distancing…and where better to do so than in your garage preparing your car for August?  🙂

But seriously, we hope you and your loved ones remain healthy and we look forward to seeing you on the other side once the world returns to it’s new normal.

Ross, Jan & David
Targa West Pty Ltd

The Shire of Manjimup once again welcomes the Make Smoking History Targa South West to the Southern Forests region of Western Australia. The 2020 event will be held on Saturday 8th August 2020 and will compete on closed road special stages in and around Manjimup, Pemberton and Northcliffe.

A Tarmac Rally is a unique form of motorsport where Tarmac Rally Cars compete on roads closed for competition. Cars start at 30 second intervals and race against the clock with the winner being the car that is fastest over all stages. Cars are grouped into classes and there are categories for outright Competition, Targa 165, Targa 130 and of course the non timed Targa Tour.

There is a wide variety of cars competing including Classics like Ford Escorts and Mustangs, Toranas and Commodores to more modern turbocharged Mitsubishi Evos, Subaru WRXs and Nissan GTRs and even a range of Electric Vehicles including the Tesla Roadster.  And what event would be complete without an exotic Porsche or two?

Spectating is FREE!!

Targa South West is a unique Motorsport event that brings all the action to you.  Unlike traditional motorsport, where you have to go to a race track to watch, competitors in the Make Smoking History Targa South west come to Manjimup, Pemberton and Northcliffe to compete on the roads in and around the towns.

You get to spectate for FREE without even leaving town…in fact you may not even need to leave your own property!!  Maps of the stages are available here.  There are many vantage points for Spectating, for further details see our Spectators info here.

The Make Smoking History Targa South West is a SMOKE FREE EVENT.

2020 Targa South West OVERVIEW MAP


Held over 2 days competitors will travel over 380km in total which includes 130km of flat out competition on 22 closed road Special Stages that each range in distance from 3.11km to 15.13km and travel through the spectacular Southern Forests areas in and around Manjimup, Pemberton and Northcliffe as well as the iconic Town stages in Manjimup and Pemberton.

(per car i.e. include BOTH Driver & Co-Driver):

  • $1300 for Rookie Rallye*
  • $1300 Targa Tour
  • $1300 Electric Targa Tour
  • $2250 Targa 130 Category
  • $2250 Targa 165 Category
  • $2250 Competition Category

* Rookie Rallye is for drivers who have not previously entered Targa South West or Targa West.

All entry fees are per car (i.e. includes BOTH Driver and Co-Driver) are inclusive of:

  • Competition start in all the Event’s Special Stages, all Categories
  • Set of all Official Maps and/or Road Book route instructions
  • One Service Vehicle and up to eight Service Crew Registrations
  • Two door panels with car numbers, rally signage and any additional event sponsor decals as issued
  • RallySafe vehicle tracking system
    Note: mounting kit must be purchased separately
  • 2 x Lanyards/name tags for the Driver and Co-Driver
  • 2 x tickets to Northcliffe Lunch on Saturday – TBC
  • 2 x tickets to the Buffet Dinner on Saturday evening – TBC
    Extra tickets may be purchased
  • Motorsport Australia Public Liability and Personal Accident insurance for all crew members. See Appendix I of the CAMS Manual of Motor Sport

The Make Smoking History Targa South West is a multi-club Tarmac Rally as defined by the Motorsport Australia.

The event is open to Drivers and Co-Drivers who hold a minimum of a Motorsport Australia Speed licence (Targa 130 & Tour Categories) or a National Rally (Targa 165 or Competition Categories). All cars must meet minimum safety standards, be registered, or hold an Over 48 Hour Permit, and whilst a ‘roll cage’ and ‘harnesses’ are mandatory for the Competition and Targa 165 Categories they are optional, albeit very strongly recommended in both Targa 130 and Tour.

Note: From 2020 onwards Frontal Head Restraints will be compulsory for ALL categories (excluding Tour).

On the Official Noticeboard page is further information including the Supplementary Regulations.  We encourage any  prospective competitors to get in touch with us if you have any queries.

Entry is limited to only 60 cars, so don’t delay get your Entry Form completed online now.

Overview Map of the Make Smoking History Targa South West stages:

2020 Targa South West OVERVIEW MAP


TEAM RELEASE: O’Dowd – The ‘Final Stage Thief’

John O’Dowd has snatched an extra position on the final stage of Targa South West 2019. Going into the final pass of the 3km Manjimup Truffles Pemberton street stage, O’Dowd sat five seconds behind Dennis Heller. But relishing the tighter, more technical stages, O’Dowd was six seconds quicker, taking fifth place overall by a single second.

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