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Quit Targa South West is a unique Motorsport event that brings all the action to you.  Unlike traditional motorsport, where you have to go to a race track to watch, competitors in Quit Targa South west come to Manjimup and Pemberton to compete on the roads in and around the two towns.


You get to spectate for FREE without even leaving your own home town…in fact you may not even need to leave your own property!!  Maps of the stages are available here.


Click here to download the Entry List that contains both Driver and Co-Driver details as well as what vehicle they are competing in.


For those lucky enough to live on one of the actual stages why not get into the Quit Targa South West spirit and invites some friends over to watch the action.  For those not so fortunate,  then download the Spectator Guide here to find the best spectator vantage points to watch the action.


A reminder that MOTORSPORT IS DANGEROUS.  As Safety is our number one priority there are some safety instructions that we’d like you to be aware of.  Please take the time to have a quick read through our Resident and Spectator Safety instructions so that you are able to make the most of your motorsport experience safely.